Breathing Space London

mindfulness for health

ResearchPicture of someone after meditating

Breathing Space has hosted - or is hosting - several academic research projects:

  • The ‘Kindness Behaviour Training’ course: What changes and how? PhD research project by Jed Shamel at University College London, looking at how individuals experience and understand the role of kindness in their everyday life.
  • 'Men, mindfulness and wellbeing project'. A 3 year PhD project by Dr Damien Ridge, in partnership with the University of Westminster, looking at mens' stories about meditation and the way that meditation practice has affected their lives. The study will also look at the way men's thinking and feelings are influenced by meditation. The researcher will interview men one-to-one, twice,at least one year apart. Simple biological and psychological measures of wellbeing will also be taken at each meeting. It is hoped that the research will help us to better understand the way men cope, find meaning in life, and establish positive wellbeing.
  • PhD research project by Ella Sherlock into what the NHS could learn from MBCT run in a non-statutory setting.
  • PhD research project by Sophie Sansom into health benefits of meditation.