Breathing Space London

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About the London Buddhist CentreThe London Buddhist Centre

The Breathing Space programme is run by the London Buddhist Centre (LBC). The LBC is one of the largest urban Buddhist Centres in the West, and perhaps the most established Centre run by the Triratna Buddhist Community. It opened in 1978, in a building that was once a Victorian fire station. It has since become a well-known landmark in the East End of London. Today it is at the heart of a 'Buddhist Village': many Buddhists live and work in and around the LBC. The LBC is also involved in the wider community through a growing number of outreach projects and through its participation in a broad based communities' organisation called London Citizens. It has become a significant focal point for the promotion of Buddhist values in London.

Open to all: the LBC as a public centre

The LBC is open every weekday from 10am to 5pm. It seeks to give people the opportunity to benefit from learning meditation and to explore the principles and practice of Buddhism. The LBC runs a full schedule of courses, classes and retreats, which are run during the day, in the evenings and at weekends. The centre is attended by many local people and also by people from all over London. The LBC also owns a retreat centre, set in beautiful countryside in Suffolk where it runs a range of retreats for both newcomers and more experienced Buddhist practitioners. For more information, visit the LBC website.

About the Tritratna Buddhist Community

The Triratna Buddhist Community is an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist values in ways appropriate to the modern world. For more information, visit the Triratna Buddhist Community website.