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Mindfulness is a positive tool that can help people work with depression, addiction, stress and anxiety. It’s also part of living a transformative and richer life.

Teaching and Daily Life

Breathing Space teachers are all Buddhists practising within the same tradition. As part of this commitment they have developed an effective meditation practice. This means that typically our Breathing Space teachers, before running courses, have been practising mindfulness for at least five years as part of a committed lifestyle.

Teaching and Values

All our teachers are committed to practising Buddhist ethics, an important support in mindfulness practice. The ethical principles they endeavour to live by are: 

1.  loving kindness;

2. generosity;

3. stillness, simplicity and contentment;

4. truthful communication;

5. mindfulness.

Teaching for Free

All Breathing Space teachers give their time freely as part of an altruistic dimension of their practice.  This ethos of generosity permeates the spirit of our teaching and is grounded in our Buddhist values.

Kindness Behaviour Training

Kindness Behaviour Training (developed by Breathing Space’s clinical director) is a mindfulness course that explores kindness and compassion in relation to oneself and others. All Breathing Space teachers are trained in a meditation practice that cultivates kindness and compassion, as well as these values being central to Buddhist practice. The kindness based meditation forms the foundation for KBT and mindfulness meditation practices.

Preparation for Teaching 

All Breathing Space teachers receive guidance specific to the teaching of mindfulness-based approaches from Breathing Space’s clinical director and senior meditation teacher Dr Paramabandhu Groves. They are all also either members of the Triratna Buddhist Order or training to join the Order. The ordination training process involves a rigorous exploration of all aspects of a Buddhist’s life with particular emphasis on ethics. Structured aspects of the training include a four-year study course and typically six or seven ten-day training retreats, culminating in a longer three- or four-month retreat. Ordination training usually takes between five and ten years. After ordination there is an continuing commitment to ethics and mindfulness with ongoing reviews with teachers and peers.



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