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Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery at Breathing Space     

Many people are able to give up an addiction to a substance or behaviour in the short-term, but then find themselves relapsing again and again. If you want to avoid slipping back into any addictions, you could find Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR) at Breathing Space very helpful. MBAR is a meditation-based course that helps you become more aware of the habits of thinking that can lead into addictive behaviour. It's a way of learning how to be with your experience without the need for a substance.

Breathing Space pioneered the MBAR course (previpously known as MBRP) and is one of only a few providers in the UK. Our teachers are trained and supervised by a NHS consultant psychiatrist specialising in addiction. We provide:

MBAR courses: Six week courses - once a week for two and a half hours per week. Open to all. Course dates and bookings

MBAR retreats: Two day retreats held at our beautiful retreat centre in the Suffolk countryside. Suitable for newcomers or those who have completed an MBAR or MBRP course.

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MBAR Training Day for Health Professionals