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Dealing with stress

Stress in itself isn't always a bad thing: we all need goals and challenges. But too much stress can be damaging - it can affect your physical health. So it's important to identify the causes of stress in your life and to try to minimise them.

Some common signs of too much stress include:

  • Increased irritability
  • Heightened sensitivity to criticism
  • Difficulty getting to sleep and waking early in the morning
  • Drinking and smoking more
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of concentration

It's important to act to relieve damaging stress before it affects your physical or mental health. You need to look after yourself and, where possible, remove some of the causes of stress:

  • Accept offers of practical help
  • Do one thing at a time - don't keep piling stress on stress
  • Know your own limits - don't expect too much of yourself
  • Talk to someone
  • Try to spend time with people who are rewarding rather than critical and judgmental
  • Practise slow breathing using the lower part of the lungs
  • Use relaxation techniques

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at Breathing Space