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Breathing Space provides Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to help East London based carers learn how to reduce the stress that can come with intensive caring responsibilities. MBSR can help people learn new ways of handling difficult physical sensations, feelings and moods. We all have times when we experience stress and difficulty, and this approach has been adapted specifically to support carers.  We provide MBSR in these ways:

Retreats for carers in Tower Hamlets

These give carers a complete break from their caring roles at our beautiful retreat centre in Suffolk, with the chance to learn stress reduction techniques and to try out a range of physical therapies like massage or reflexology. There's also time to relax, enjoy the countryside, make friends and have fun. More information about retreats.

MBSR drop-in class for carers 

Learn MBSR (relaxation and meditation) for use in daily life. The sessions are also an opportunity for carers to find mutual support and understanding - helping to reduce social isolation. More information about drop-in classes.

Stress reduction course for carers in Hackney.

Breathing Space also offers an 8 week course in MBSR for carers living in Hackney. This course has been designed to provide opportunities for carers to learn new ways of learning to deal with stress and difficult emotions in their caring role, as well as meeting and developing relationships with other carers through meeting weekly over 8 weeks. More information about the course.