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We can deliver a range of mindfulness activities tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. This could include anything from:

  • One off workshops or seminars
  • Courses (up to 8 weeks)
  • Drop-in or taster sessions 
  • 1:1 work with senior managers and CEO’s

If you want to talk about how we could deliver mindfulness activities in your organisation then call or email the Breathing Space manager on: 020 8709 9985 - email:

You may want to consider Mindfulness & Self Leadership for your organisation...

What is Mindful & Self Leadership?

Whether you are a leader in your organisation or not, mindful self-leadership applies to you and can help you work in a more effective, stress-free way. Without inner self-leadership there is no external leadership. Often our work lives involve taking on more responsibility, but this means being more responsible for ourselves first (including our mental states and emotions). To do this we need to train our minds. We spend time maintaining a fit body (eating well, going to the gym) – in just the same way, we need to develop a fit mind. Everything we do is mediated through our minds, so for a healthy working life we need a healthy mind.

Our experience

Breathing Space programmes have now helped over 2,000 people as well as training local healthcare professionals in the use of Mindfulness to combat addiction, depression and stress.

Content of our 6 week course

Module 1 – Know Your Own Mind: Understanding the role of thought & beginning to cultivate awareness of different types of thought. The kind of mind we have creates the kind of world we encounter.

Module 2 – Identifying Unhelpful Mindsets:Understanding how unhelpful thought can hijack our feelings and behaviour.

Module 3 – Cultivating Helpful Mindsets: Generating skilful, positive, creative thought.

Module 4 – Mastery: Making life run as smoothly as possible.

Module 5 – Owning Your Attention: To value and reclaim head space.

Module 6 – Resilience: Dealing with challenges and change without being overwhelmed by stress or anxiety

1:1 Mindful Self Leadership

We also offer 1:1 Mindful Self leadership. This is geared towards senior managers & CEO's who want to explore mindfulness as a tool to help them become a more effective leader. 

Commitment from participants

Home practices (such as meditation & mindful activities) will be set after each session and we will encourage participants to commit to these in order to make the most of the course.